Aggressive emission standards and global fuel economy are driving vehicle and equipment manufacturers to redesign a more efficient, adaptable, silent and less polluting powertrain system. This is where we add value to their business and deliver the best in class components for powertrain and subsystems. We offer precision machined automotive components adhering to strict NVH requirements which assures the efficient, noiseless and dependable performance of powertrains every time.

The Hi-Tech Gears has an extensive advanced machining equipment at our all worldwide manufacturing locations for soft machining as well hard finishing. Our Machining capabilities include Gear cutting through Hobbing, Shaping and broaching, spline rolling, shaving, milling, drilling CNC turning, deep hole drilling, OD and ID grinding, gear teeth grinding, honing, etc.

As machining process planning starts with a thorough study of the complete value chain and focusing on optimizing the whole process, every process step must add value rather than cost. This approach helps us to eliminate one or many process step(s) itself. Ownership of metal forming process and heat treatment also enables us to optimize the machining process. A controlled precision forging and distortion controls in our heat treatment process help us to reduce the machining allowance on the part drawing and thus making our entire offering more competitive.