Heat Treatment

Any gear expert can state how important is the heat treatment in the gear manufacturing. Heat treatment plays a vital role in the fatigue life, strength, and wear resistance of the part and this special process is one of our core competencies.

The Hi-Tech Gears have state of the art facilities for controlled atmosphere normalizing, hardening, case carburising, carbo nitriding, and nitriding. Our furnaces include fully automatic Sealed Quench, Fluidised bed, Induction hardening. Continuous in-line hardening & tempering, normalizing, Annealing, Induction Annealing etc.

Uniformity of composition & structure, grain flow aligned to the contour of forging and grain size number between 5-8 ASTM of each produced forging assures higher strength, reproducible response to heat treatment, minimum variation in machinability, and consistent property levels of finished parts.

We have fine carburizing furnaces that uses hydrocarbon/ carbon dioxide (C02) atmosphere, originally introduced in Japan, for accelerated processing, shorter furnace conditioning time, reduced atmosphere costs, savings in floor space and excellent standards of post-heat-treatment cleanliness. This also enables to carburise components of difficult geometries.

We have full time metallurgists and fully equipped metallurgical labs in all our plants for measurement of hardness, case depth microstructure, cleanliness, etc. We also retain measured test samples of heat treatment, as per customers requirement, for complete long-term traceability and analysis. CQI-9 compliant processes with Scada control assures attainment of excellent consistency and uniformity of heat treatment and distortion controls.