The Hi-Tech Gears has the deep know-how of metallurgy and metal forming process and a vast experience of producing precision flash-free near-net carbon and alloy steel forgings. DEFORM process simulation system makes our engineers capable of predicting deformation material flow and thermal behaviour with high precision.

The manufacturing process starts with stringent raw material testing and controls. Precision shearing equipments, fully integrated forge shop, capable of Hot, Warm & Cold Forging & extrusion, with presses from 100T to 1600T, and inline heat treatment furnaces provide a wide range of forging including lug gears, straight & involute special ratchets, kick spindle, Crank, Drive/Driven spur & helical gears, and many other components with critical profiles.

Uniformity of composition & structure, grain flow aligned to the contour of forging and grain size number between 5-8 ASTM of each produced forging assure higher strength, reproducible response to heat treatment, minimum variation in machinability, and consistent property levels of finished parts.

The near net forging tolerances are highly influenced by the die design and tolerances maintained and thus design and manufacturing of dies are done in-house under strict engineering control and in a fully capable die shop with CAM facilities for Milling, EDM, etc. This assures the right quality, economy and continuous improvements.