Display Authenticity and openness in a way which can be verified and validated.


Display of integrity, wherein actions are congruent to the values of THG. Display clarity of intent, where all motives are straightforward and based on mutual benefit. Display restitution, admit and own mistakes and correct them instantly.


Share with and care for each other in good times and bad times. Display synergy with team-mates to achieve higher goals. Proactively assume Collective responsibility and shared ownership of all situations that arise in the journey and readily sacrifice self-interest for the benefit of all.

Precision and Excellence

Display accuracy and excellence in quality of work. Always challenge the statuesque and test limits to beat them.


Display infinite enthusiasm and spread positive energy in every circumstance. Perform to maximum potential thereby inspiring everyone to do the same.


Display and act "Customer first" spirit, proactively understand all explicit and implicit expectations and design solutions accordingly.

Consistency and belief in the "THG's Way and Vision

Cross with courage and self-belief, the Chasm of the unknown, from one target condition to another while being Consistent to the final Vision.

Confront reality

Display strength of heart and courage in adversity. Commit to resolve the toughest issues truthfully and transparently while neither being misunderstood nor hurting anyone.

Creativity and Innovation

Display out of box thinking to beat prevailing constraints and paradigm breaking approach to achieve superior performance.

Continuous learning and Adaptability

Continuously learn from experiences and quickly adapt to a newer environment and expectations to achieve superior performance.